Welcome to Harbour Pointe Christian Preschool!

We are eagerly anticipating and preparing for another new school year. It is our intention to provide a quality, child-centered and age-appropriate preschool program. With the current climate that encourages earlier and earlier academic achievement, certain trends have led us as parents and educators to adopt more structured, skill-oriented, and teacher directed approaches to the instruction of young children. Pre-reading skills are of particular concern. This can often result in fewer opportunities for children to engage in creative expression. We believe at this age it is more important for children to acquire the desire to read rather than to acquire the mechanics of reading.


We will strive to nourish this desire in a variety of ways—we will fill the classroom with quality children's literature and we will express the excitement of words as combined in prose, poetry, fingerplays and song. The children will dictate, keep journals, and begin to understand the basic skills because they are meaningful to the child's own understanding of his/her world. Children learn through doing. As concerned teachers (and parents) we want our children to be well prepared for the next step. We take great care to balance what we know is best for your child developmentally with what the expectations will be when your child enters kindergarten. This is ever-changing as school curricula are subject to constant revisions. We stay in contact with neighborhood schools to keep current.


We are equally committed to nurturing the self-esteem that comes with independence and social competence. We will implement a positive approach to successful behavior in the classroom. As a staff we prioritize the need for continuing education and we will attend at least one such opportunity this year. We subscribe to an “open door” policy and invite you to visit and be a part of the classroom if you wish. We encourage parent participation and look forward to working with you.



Kim Kusilek
Director/ Harbour Pointe Christian Preschool

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