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Harbour Pointe Christian Preschool is a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church.The mission of TLC School is to nurture each child in Christian love, to encourage success as an individual, and to build self confidence in social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive development.


  • Children are a gift from God.

  • Children need firsthand experiences and exploration opportunities so that they may develop at their own individual rate.

  • Children learn best through play.

  • It is important for children to engage in creative expression.

  • Children develop the desire to read when immersed in quality children’s literature.

  • Children’s families are the primary influence in their lives and we strive to work together as partners.


  • Experienced, empathetic and caring teachers who are current in all capacities of early childhood education.

  • A well-rounded curriculum that builds skills for Kindergarten while encouraging curiosity, self-direction, confidence and self-esteem.

  • An emphasis on Christian values as we celebrate the uniqueness of each child.

  • Inviting, creative and stimulating classroom experiences.

  • An “open door” policy for parents and invite them to visit and become part of the classroom experience.

  • Social opportunities that encourage families to build community.

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