Art Adventures 
“Every child is an artist.” Pablo Picasso

Art Adventures provides age-appropriate lessons that offer an exciting experience in the wonderful world of art. As children create, they will develop critical-thinking skills, creative confidence, hands-on skills, visual literacy, hand-eye coordination, symmetry, balance, design, concepts of shapes, sizes, self-esteem and an appreciation of other cultures.
Art Adventures will introduce the children to famous artists and they will experience new ways to create art.  We will learn about Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Mark Rothko and others.
Art Adventures provides a knowledge of multiple art media. We will explore with drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, sculpture and more.
Our goal is to help each child know and understand that he/she is a unique creation, made by God. God is proud of His creation!
God said, “It is good.”
Art Adventures will foster confidence in each child as they learn to create. They will be able to step back, look at their creation, be proud and say, “It is good.”

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