Operating Procedures
SCHOOL CALENDAR                        
Our school observes the same school
calendar as Mukilteo Public Schools.
Therefore, our school will be closed in
observance of major holidays, plus a
mid-winter and a spring break. Our school
WILL be in session on those days that
MSD is off due to in-service or staff
MONTHLY CALENDAR                          
Each month your child will bring home a
calendar detailing the coming months
activities.  Also, look for a snack list.
Snack is the responsibility of the parents
on a rotating basis.
DAILY ARRIVAL                                       
Parents must sign their child in and sign
their child out each day.  If someone else
is to call for your child, you MUST inform
the teacher in writing. That person picking
up your child may be asked to show
photo identification.  Your student will
NOT be allowed to leave with another
person unless prior arrangements have
been made.  We now have a fence around
our wetland, but still be mindful of this
attractive area.  Please be safe and always
accompany your child in and out of the
preschool building.
SECURITY CARDS                             
Each family will receive 2 security cards
at parent orientation or on their
student’s first day of school.  If additional
security cards are needed, they may be
purchased in the school office at a
cost of $15 each.  Security cards are
considered property of HPCP and must be
returned to HPCP on your child’s last day of school.
Please notify your child’s teacher if your
child will be absent from school due to
illness or vacation.  Monthly tuition
payments must be made in order to hold
your child’s place in class.
If your child has to drop out of our
program, we require that you give us a
two week written notice to allow for
possible tuition refunds and also to open
enrollment to others.
For your child’s protection and for the                                                       
protection of others, please do not send
your child if s(he) has a persistent cough,
nausea or fever.  You will be notified if
a communicable disease has infected any
of our school children.  If your child is too
sick to participate in our daily activities
or play outside at recess he/she should
be kept at home.
School employees are only allowed to
administer medications in an emergency
situation (i.e. allergic reaction-EpiPen or
Benadryl).  That medication must be
provided by the parent. Any other
medications can only be administered
by a parent.
TOILET TRAINING                                              
All children (with the exception of the
children enrolled in the Mom and Me class)
must be toilet trained prior to attending Harbour
Pointe Christian School.  If an “accident” should
occur, parents will be notified.
DAILY DELIVERY & PICK-UP                                                  
Please arrive NO EARLIER than five(5)
minutes prior to your school session.
Parents MUST escort their child(ren) into
the classroom.  We are not equipped, nor
do we employ staff, to provide
after-school care.  Please be prompt in picking
 up your child(ren).  A late fee of  $1.00 per
 minute will be added to monthly tuition if
chronic tardiness occurs in pick-up.
INCLEMENT WEATHER / STAFF ILLNESS                                     
Harbour Pointe Christian will also be
closed.  If Mukilteo School District is 2
Hours late, HPC will be CLOSED.  A
limited number of make-up days will
be built into our school calendar each
year.  We will try our best to make up days
that are missed, however, we may not  be
able to make up ALL missed days due to
teacher contract dates for that calendar
 make-up of ALL missed days.
Additionally, when any illness occurs that
 would prevent us from meeting our required
staff/child ratio, we may close the preschool.
There will be no credit or refund for the days
the preschool is closed due to the weather, power
failure or widespread illness.
Children should not be hampered in their
ability to take advantage of all that
school has to offer.
Tuition is due by the 10th of the month.
A $30 late fee will be added to your tuition
 if paid after the 10th of the month.
There will be a $30 charge for all NSF
checks or declined credit cards received
for any reason.  ALl payments must be
made through the Brightwheel App.
Each week, each class meets for chapel. Chapel
includes Bible songs, Bible stories, prayer and
conversation about God’s love.  We use the
SPARK Story Bible” as our resource.  Parents
are encouraged to join us for chapel time.

Please park in designated parking stalls.                                                                  
DO NOT park in the fire lane. Mukilteo
can and will assess fines upwards of $250.
DO NOT leave siblings in your vehicle
unattended while dropping off your
preschool student.
Do not leave valuables in your vehicle
in the parking lot at any time.  HPCP
is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Teachers will assess all students in January
and June of each year. Report cards will be
sent home.  Parents will have the
opportunity to schedule a parent/teacher
conference with their child’s teacher at
the end of January of that school year
to discuss progress and placement for the
following school year.
Reporting Child Abuse Policy
All preschool staff are required by law to report and document any proven or suspected incidence of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect, or endangerment of a child immediately upon suspicion.
Children WILL NOT be released to anyone driving a motor vehicle if that person shows signs of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  The person will be asked to arrange other transportation for themselves and the child.  If this request is not complied with, a staff person will call 911.  They will report the name of the adult and the make and model of the vehicle being driven.
Discipline Policy
We strive to set clear limits, letting children know from the onset what is acceptable behavior.  Limits for the health and welfare of each child will be consistently maintained.  Limits are based on an understanding of the child’s needs and stage of development.  They are designed to help a child develop inner control, respect the rights of others and acquire positive problem solving and conflict resolution skills.  We view conflict as an opportunity to develop these qualities in all children in our care.
If a child displays inappropriate behavior they will be given an opportunity to identify a resolution to the problem when appropriate.  “You both want the trike.  How can we work this out?”
A child may be given the choice to discontinue the behavior or leave that particular activity.  If a child’s behavior is consistently inappropriate a parent conference may be requested to discuss strategies to overcome the problem.
Physical punishment, spanking, mechanical restraint, or withholding food will never be used or implied.  No degrading or abusive language will be used.  These methods have little or no value in a group setting and do not model appropriate behavior; therefore we do not use them.
For the safety of every child and staff member of TLC, any child that continues to behave inappropriately by being excessively aggressive or violent toward another child or staff member may be subject to termination of enrollment.
Expectation of Mutual Respect
The Staff of HPCP strives to treat each of our clients and guests, parent and child alike with professionalism and respect.  We work to maintain the highest quality early childhood experience possible.  We expect in return the courtesy and respect of our clients and guests.  Behavior intended or perceived as bullying, threatening, abusive, demeaning, intimidating or slanderous is not acceptable in our school.  Exhibiting these behaviors may result in termination of care, loss of access to our facility, and legal actions as appropriate.
Custodial Situations
HPCP will not be involved in custody disputes. HPCP will follow a court order exactly as it is written. If your family has a court order on file, please provide us with the most recent copy. PLEASE NOTE: PER STATE LAW, IN THE ABSENCE OF A COURT ORDER, BOTH PARENTS HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS. If a custody issue creates a risk for our faculty or staff, HPCP has the right to terminate care.

Brightwheel Tuition & Billing
 Harbour Pointe Christian Preschool will be using the brightwheel app, which helps our school to stay better connected to our families.  We can observe and track children’s development, communicate with families, share photos and videos on this app as well as manage our accounts and billing.  You will receive tuition invoices through brightwheel and can schedule payments using your checking account or credit card.
It is mandatory to use this app as it is our only database for our school.  Once you download the brightwheel app and create an account with the same email address you gave us, you will see your child’s profile. You will receive an email invitation to sign up for brightwheel app as soon as we process this permission form. Please let us know if you need any assistance with this process. 

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